Нам следует ходить в библиотеки? (Статья ученицы 10 класса на английском языке)

Should we go to libraries?

Many people believe that the library is a kind of storage of waste paper, in which there are old unnecessary books. In fact, it is not true. Today the library is a place where you can learn a lot of useful and interesting information.

Undoubtedly, with the advent of the Internet, our life has become easier in terms of finding the necessary information. By asking a question on the Internet, we instantly get an answer to it. But this does not always work. There is a lot of unreliable information on the Internet, better literature can be found in the library. Also, do not forget about the literature that helps to spend time well and profitably. There are always interesting books in the library, ranging from long-released, to fresh, recently published. You can read them for free.

At my school in Bolshekrepinskaya, pupils regularly visit the library. But some of them are limited to books necessary for study. What is it connected with? I think that the guys are not interested in reading and believe that it is not worth spending free time on it because today film versions are more popular. Of course, it's easier to watch a movie, it takes less time. I think that the stereotype prevailing in people, reading is boring, does not give an opportunity to think deeply and widely.

I myself love to read books. And I was surprised by the fact that my peers are reluctant to read books, and if they do, they are mostly textbooks in the school curriculum. Russia, once the most reading country in the world, today is faced with a serious problem: modern children are not drawn to the book, do not like to read, do not perceive communication with fiction as a vital necessity.

I will give arguments in favor of reading. Firstly, reading develops fantasy; it allows you to create your own images, makes you dream. Secondly, a reading person has a large vocabulary, can communicate with different people and knows how to express his thoughts.

It is important to remember that libraries teach us the culture of reading and provide an opportunity to be enlightened. We should not miss this opportunity.

A. Statyvka

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