Using WhatsApp in language learning.

Using WhatsApp in language learning.

The development of technology is gradually changing and influencing every sphere of our life. Education is not an exception. While some teachers argue that gadgets and the Internet distract students from learning, others claim that the apps technology offers us make education more interactive and effective. In fact, the digital world has opened even wider doors to achieve better results in learning a foreign language. Among digital services, messengers such as WhatsApp may play a crucial role in learning if it is used properly. Here I will show why using this service may be effective and how to use it in language learning.

Why use WhatsApp?

Using this service will save your time and energy.

Ideas on using WhatsApp.

Class groups.

Create groups. Send short videos to the group, share opinions leaving your own comments on videos. This keeps English mood even when you don’t have English classes. The next thing that can be done is spreading the news. Every day a different student can be responsible for this task. One of you shares the news that you have heard and then other students in the group leave their short comments on it.


This feature may be used when you learn new vocabulary, such as food, vegetables, fruit, emotions, etc. This is very effective. However, this feature is limited, as you can’t find all necessary words.

Fill in the gaps.

The text is sent with missing words and you should fill in the gaps. Here is an example that can be used with beginner and elementary students.

The same exercise can be done with audio recording to check how well you know the spelling of the new words. Make an audio recording of the words to fill in the gaps.

Describe a process.

You choose a process of an activity you want to describe, such as baking a birthday cake; making an omelets, editing and posting photos on Instagram, etc. Take or download photos for each step and describe the process. This activity is best suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate students.

Improve pronunciation and intonation.

From time to time the teacher picks up the words you have difficulty in pronunciation and sends these words to you. Reply to it with an audio message reading the words out loud. Then your teacher can check the pronunciation and give some tips if necessary. If there are problems with intonation as well, the teacher can send you a short text to read.

Tour – guide.

Make a video of a place you visit during the week, such as a park, a museum, a school or a flat and tell about it in your video. Later send these videos to each other and start a discussion. Ask questions about the places, such as “Where is the museum situated?”, “What is the park famous for?”. This can be sent either to the class WhatsApp group or individually.

Photo diary.

During the day take photos of what you do, what you wear and how you feel. Then send these photos to each other with a short description of each photo.

I’m sure using WhatsApp will make your doing English easier and more interesting.

Klopova V. student of the 10th grade Bolshekrepinskaya School.

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