Tips for learning English.

Tips for learning English.

Learn English every day.

It is important to study English daily. However, do not overwork. It is better to do 30 minutes every day than two hours once a week. Short regular classes are much more effective than long hours of study with long breaks.

Learn English with friends.

There is nothing better than learning English in good company. You can do exercises together, conduct dialogs (in English!). And help each other.

Choose topics that interest you.

One of the most important components is to learn English using topics that interest you. This will increase motivation, because by learning English, you will learn something new about what you like.

Learn the rules of reading English.

English begins with reading rules. I recommend using a simple table from the Internet and learn the rules by heart, as well as get acquainted with the transcription of the English language. This can be done, for example, on

Clarify how words are read and pronounced.

Even if you know the rules of reading by heart, when learning new words, check how they are pronounced correctly. I recommend clarifying the pronunciation of each new word in an online dictionary. Listen a few times to how the word sounds and try to pronounce it the same way. At the same time practice the correct pronunciation.

Learn grammar.

Learning grammar rules is not so difficult; it is enough to study with a good textbook. I recommend taking “Essential Grammar in Use” R. Murphy.

Listen to your level podcasts.

As soon as you begin to take the first steps, you immediately need to accustom yourself to the sound of foreign speech. Start with simple podcasts lasting from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Watch the news in English.

Once you have formed your initial English vocabulary, it's time to start watching the news. Recommended resource News texts for the first level are simple. Each news has an audio recording, so be sure to listen to how new words sound for you, try to repeat them after the announcer.

Read simple texts.

While reading, you activate visual memory: new words and phrases will be easy to remember. And if you want to not only read, but also learn new words, improve pronunciation, listen to texts voiced by native speakers, and then read them. You can find simple short texts in textbooks of your level, for example New English File Elementary, or on the Internet on this site.

Klopova V. student of the 10th grade Bolshekrepinskaya School.

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