Открытый урок "Let’s learn a bit more about the geography and the history of the UK and Russia.

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Тема - Let’s learn a bit more about the geography and the history of the UK and Russia.

Цель – обучение иноязычной культуре общения, создание комфортных условий для реализации аспектов:

познавательный аспект — знакомство с особенностями географического положения Великобритании и России, развитие умения извлекать информацию об англоязычной странеи России из текста;

развивающий аспект — развитие способности к догадке, к сравнению и сопоставлению речевых единиц, к формулированию выводов из прочитанного;

воспитательный аспект — воспитание уважительного отношения к другой культуре, более глубокое осознание своей культуры через контекст культуры англоязычной страны;

учебный аспект — формирование лексических навыков чтения и говорения;

сопутствующая задача — развитие умения читать / понимать на слух с целью извлечения детальнойи запрашиваемой информации.

Речевой материал:

продуктивный: to border, emblem, multinational, official, population;

рецептивный: лексический — arrow, wound, deer, occupy, coast, separate, explore;

грамматический — артикль с географическими названиями, страдательный залог.

УМК М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English» 9 класс

Ход урока

  • Read the geographical words. Tell your classmates which countries do you associate them with.

London, Moscow

the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the Russian Federation

Birmingham, The Caspian Sea

Glasgow,lake Baikal

Liverpool, republics

Manchester, region,

the Severnoblast

Edinburgh, krai

Ben NevisSt Petersburg,

Belfast, Nizhni-Novgorod,

Lough NeaghRostov-on-Don,

the Scottish HighlandSamara,

England, Volgograd.

Scotland, Elbrus

Wales the Caucasus

Northern Irelandthe Lena

What is the title of the lesson? What are we going to do in the lesson? Why are we going to speak about the UK and Russia?

2. There are many countries in the world. These countries differ from one another. You have read the information about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Russian Federation at p. 189.Say if the information below is true or false.


  • The capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is London.
  • The population of Great Britain is 159 million.
  • The largest cities of the United Kingdom are Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Belfast, Newcastle and Cardiff
  • The UK is divided into 3 parts. They are: England, Scotland and Wales.
  • The country borders Ireland. France, the Netherlands, Belgium and has sea border with Scandinavian countries.


  • The largest country in the population is Russia
  • The capital of Russia is Moscow.
  • Such nations as Russians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Chuvashes, Bashkirs, Belarussians, Mordovas and other nations make up Russian Federation.
  • The country boarders with China, Mongolia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan in the south, Norway, Finland, the Baltic states, Belarussia, the Ukraine in the west and the USA via a sea border.
  • It has the largest lake which is called Lake Baikal.

3.Some words might be used for describing the natural environments of countries. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the word so that it corresponds to lexical content of the text.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the …est countries in the world. It occupies the British …, which lie off the north-west coast of ... The Atlantic Ocean is to the north-east, the North … is to the west. The UK is separated from the continent by the … Channel and from Ireland by the Irish Sea. The highest … is Ben Nevis. It is located in the Scottish Highland. The longest … is the Severn. The … lake is Lough Neagh.

Seasmallriver EuropeEnglish peak Isles largest


The total area of the Russian Federation is 17 … sq km. The Arctic Ocean is to the north, the Pacific … is to the east, the Baltic Sea is to the west, the Black Sea and the Caspian … are to the south. Russia … 21 republics, 6 territories, 49 provinces, 10 autonomous areas and 1 autonomous region. The largest … are St Petersburg, Nizhni-Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tver’, Volgograd. Omsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm. The …peak is Elbrus. It is located in the Caucasus. The longest … is the Lena.

Sea citiesmillion highest hasriverOcean

4.Flags reflect the geography and history of the country you are exploring.What are the main colours of the flags of the UK and Russia? Where is the Russian flag (the British flag)? What can you say about flag 3? (It is the flag of Rostov region). How about flag 4? (It is the flag of Korea. Our school is taking part in the project “150 cultures of Russia. The Korean culture”).

1 234

  • National emblems reflect the geographical features and the history of the country too.The emblems of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are the combination of floristic symbols and emblems of the four parts of the country. Read the text about the emblems of the United Kingdom? Match the picture and find the necessary information in ex.104 p. 96 to fill in the table.


12 34

Check yourself. Say if you were right or not.
countryEnglandScotlandNorthern IrelandWales
emblemA red roseThistleShamrockLeek,Daffodil


Tick the emblems of the Russian Federation. Name them (double-headed eagle, arrow wounded deer (the emblem of Rostov region). Whose emblems are emblems 2 and 4?


6. Find out more about the fact why our homeland was originally called Great Rus’. What do you think Rus’ is a poetic or historical name of our country? Does it sound respectful and proud at the same time? At home read an essay about our country, you may use the additional information in the Internet to answer the questions above.

In ancient times the Russian Federation was often known as Rus'. The name is historic. It sends us back to the tenth century. Those times the county was inhabited by Varangians and one of their tribes' names was Rus'. The first documental mentioning of Rus' was the Russian— Byzantine agreement made in 991. The capital of Rus’ was Kiev. Now this word itself doesn't exist anymore and you can find it only in historical books, but you can see it in the name of Russia. It is a part of the word Russia.

The poetic name of the country came from Old East Slavic.

I am sure that I can call my country Great Rus' as it has a very long and great history. It was baptized in 988. That time no one could even imagine about existence of America!

7.Your marks for today are … What do you think about the lesson?

1. In the lesson I was active / passive.

2. I am satisfied / not satisfied with my work in class.

3. The lesson seemed to me short / long.

4. In the lesson I was not tired / tired.

5. The lesson material was clear / not clear.

useful / useless.

interesting / boring.

6.The hometask seems to be easy / difficult.

interesting / not interesting.

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